Mobile browser stats for March

Below you find the mobile browser stats for March 2011. The market is still quiescent; very little change from February. Safari lost two points; the Other category gained two.

Global browser stats, March 2011
Browser March 2011 ch Feb 2011 ch Jan 2011 Remarks
Safari 22% -2 24% -1 25% iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad not included.
Opera 21% 0 21% 0 21% Mini and Mobile combined
Nokia 16% 0 16% +1 15%
Android 15% 0 15% +1 14% Includes tablets
BlackBerry 14% 0 14% -1 15% WebKit-based BB6 browser still marginal
NetFront 4% 0 4% 0 4%
Samsung 2% 0 2% 0 2% bada
Other 6% +2 4% 0 4%
Volatility 2% 2%
WebKit 55% -2 57% +1 56% Safari, Nokia, Android, Samsung
Mobile 5% +1 4% 0 4% Mobile browsing as percentage of all browsing

The only constant is that Safari is losing ground a few points at a time — not because there are less iPhone users, but because users of other phones are also starting to surf the web.

Android’s momentum seems to have slowed considerably, although it is effortlessly keeping its position as the fourth largest mobile browser. Still, I had expected it to have passed Nokia by now.

As to the other browsers, I studied the data (download the CSV file from the stats page), but couldn’t find any clear winners among them. So the 2% gain is a statistical artifact caused by rounding.

Another boring month, in other words. Let’s hope April will be more exciting.

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