Mobile browser panel at Mobilism

We are proud to announce that the Mobilism conference, which will take place on 12th and 13th of May in Amsterdam, will feature the world’s first mobile browser panel, in which representatives of several mobile browser vendors discuss their implementations with the audience and each other.

Moderated by Jeremy Keith, this panel features representatives of Nokia, Opera, and RIM (BlackBerry). The panel will close off day 1 of Mobilism (12th of May) at 16:00 CET and (network gods willing) be live-streamed so that anyone can watch it.

Related to this is the matter of the conference schedule. We admit we are fairly late in publishing it, but we’ve had a few hard-to-predict occurrences in the past month that forced us to juggle and re-juggle exact speaking times. But it’s online now for your perusing pleasure.

You will notice that Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith are absent from the schedule. A series of unexpected (but happy) developments caused them to withdraw from their speaking engagement. Although we regret this and would love to have them speak, even without them Mobilism has a very strong speaker line-up that will almost (but not quite) allow us to forget their absence.

Finally, we have just now released the final tickets. When these are sold out, there are no more tickets available. So book yours now.

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