Rethinking the mobile web

A truly outstanding presentation by Bryan Rieger. Learn it by heart.

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1 Posted by Melissa on 11 September 2010 | Permalink

Damn, superb! It’s just so simple.

2 Posted by Loque on 15 September 2010 | Permalink


3 Posted by Constantine on 17 September 2010 | Permalink

Did not expected that much of value from slides. Finally, a good research and advice on creating a *working* mobile site.

4 Posted by MichielioZ on 18 September 2010 | Permalink

Working from bottom to top is indeed a good approach to create a mobile website, but it too has it's limitations.
If you start at the VERY bottom, all you can fit is like 10 words on screen and no images.
If you end at the VERY top, you end up with desktop pages all looking exactly the same.
Where you draw the line is actually up to your target audience.
That's why so many trendy websites and/or companies target iPhone and Android and Blackberry, these are the people that will BUY their trendy stuff.
Anyway, great slideshow and great advice... to a certain extend.

5 Posted by Steve Bratt on 21 September 2010 | Permalink

A beautiful presentation. Very clear progression of the arguments. Was going to send it our Board of Directors. However all but TimBL and NigelS would be slightly lost after about slide 40+. :) Perhaps they'll see some extracts.

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Keep up the great work.