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Mobile market overview

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Over the weekend I created a mobile market overview in the form of a sortable table. I hope it gives you some insights; it certainly did for me.

For a complete overview knowledge of the current market share stats is necessary; fortunately Tomi Ahonen provides the latest. My table doesn’t yet contains these stats; I still have to figure out exactly how to display them (not to mention making time to implement a new feature).

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think. And if you have some extra facts, please provide them.

Mobile browser page updated; help needed

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I have updated the mobile browser page. It now contains 18 browsers, and in addition I added some lists about which browser runs on which OS, and which device vendor uses which OS. However, I need your help in making the list exhaustive.

I have now firmly decided to test and describe only those browsers that run on one or more of the ten smartphone OSs (Android, bada, BlackBerry, iOS, LiMo, MeeGo, Phone 7, Symbian, webOS, Windows Mobile). There are just too many other OSs, but they’re either feature phone only, or they’ve fallen out of the race.

My question to you is to review the list and rack your brain for more data.

  1. Do you know if a browser runs on one of the smartphone OSs but is not yet mentioned in my lists?
  2. Do you know if a device vendor sells one of the smartphone OSs but is not yet mentioned in my lists?

If you do, please leave a comment with a useful link (to the browser vendor’s homepage, or to a news item that mentions device vendor A selling smartphone OS B).


First serious stab at mobile browser grading

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jQuery announced the jQuery mobile project, which aims at bringing jQuery to mobile browsers. All mobile browsers; not just Safari iPhone and Android WebKit.

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Fronteers 2010: Jake Archibald and Stoyan Stefanov

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The Fronteers 2010 conference has announced two new speakers: Jake Archibald of the BBC’s Glow library, and Stoyan Stefanov of Yahoo!

Thus the speakers’ list is continuing to grow, and the conference is becoming more and more worth your € 375. What are you waiting for? Order your ticket now!

Combining media queries and JavaScript

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On Tuesday Jason Grigsby challenged the conventional view that media queries are all we need to make a website mobile-friendly. Although he’s right when he points out some serious problems, I do not think that media queries are the “fool’s gold,” as Jason says. The message seems to be more that media queries alone are not enough to make your sites mobile-friendly. An additional component is required.

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“HTML5” — let’s move on, shall we?

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Months ago I concluded that “HTML5” means whatever you want it to mean. This week, Jeffrey Zeldman and Jeff Croft took up the discussion, with Tantek Çelik and Bruce Lawson commenting.

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Front-Trends in Warsaw, 21/22 October

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On 21 and 22 October the first Front Trends conference will take place in Warsaw. I will be speaking there; I’ll talk about JSON over SMS and other exciting marriages of web and mobile.

Tickets are inexpensive, not to say bloody cheap. € 198 to see a lot of good speakers (Douglas Crockford, Tantek Çelik, Dmitry Baranovskiy of Rafael.js, plenty of others) is not expensive.

So if you’re in the neighbourhood, why not join us in Warsaw? As of this writing there are still tickets available.


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