Mobile browser page updated; help needed

I have updated the mobile browser page. It now contains 18 browsers, and in addition I added some lists about which browser runs on which OS, and which device vendor uses which OS. However, I need your help in making the list exhaustive.

I have now firmly decided to test and describe only those browsers that run on one or more of the ten smartphone OSs (Android, bada, BlackBerry, iOS, LiMo, MeeGo, Phone 7, Symbian, webOS, Windows Mobile). There are just too many other OSs, but they’re either feature phone only, or they’ve fallen out of the race.

My question to you is to review the list and rack your brain for more data.

  1. Do you know if a browser runs on one of the smartphone OSs but is not yet mentioned in my lists?
  2. Do you know if a device vendor sells one of the smartphone OSs but is not yet mentioned in my lists?

If you do, please leave a comment with a useful link (to the browser vendor’s homepage, or to a news item that mentions device vendor A selling smartphone OS B).


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