Mobile market overview

Here you find my best attempt so far at summarizing the mobile market. I started with browsers, because that’s my specialty, but then the table branched off into other directions almost by itself.

In principle the table only treats the smartphone space, but some feature phone vendors are branching off into that space, and I do want to keep an eye on the possibility that one of these OSs breaks through to the smartphone market.

Currently the table contains .

It does not always make sense to compare two columns; for instance, the proliferation and OSvendor columns have very little to do with each other. I’m counting on your common sense here.

See the browser page for more information about the browsers.

I will add more information, such as about the app stores, when I’ve solved certain technical difficulties in the data-reading script. I may also add market share numbers for device vendors and OSs when I figure out how to display them.

The table

Recent changes

3 July 2011


16 February 2011

Upcoming changes

In the next few months I’ll incorporate the following changes in the table. These changes are already somewhat visible in the market, but haven’t quite panned out yet.