Ultra-quick Samsung WebKit review

On Thursday I got a Samsung bada test phone (the Wave) that runs the latest installment of Samsung WebKit, and of course I subjected it to various tests. The verdict is clear: excellent browser. As far as I’m concerned it ousts Opera Mobile from my personal top three.

Judge for yourself. This is what the latest Samsung WebKit supports:

Not bad, right? Next week I’m on holiday, but when I return I’ll update some more tests with Samsung WebKit data (as well as data on other recent updates; most notably Android).

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1 Posted by Josh Kim on 5 June 2010 | Permalink

What is your top three, btw?

2 Posted by Marcos Caceres on 5 June 2010 | Permalink

Hope we (Opera) can win you back:) Nice to hear the Bada supports widgets.

3 Posted by Dominykas on 5 June 2010 | Permalink

W3C widgets via appstore? You're kidding, right?

4 Posted by Mario on 7 June 2010 | Permalink

Cool! Does it support CSS transitions?

5 Posted by Liam the lemming on 9 June 2010 | Permalink

Looking forward to your review of WebKit on Androids 2.1 and 2.2, PPK! I've recently picked up an HTC Desire, and it'd be nice to know the browser's up to scratch by empirical evidence rather than my own unreliable observations. ;)

Also, great to hear Bada has a WebKit-based browser too - last thing we need is *another* browser cluttering up the mobile market. :)

6 Posted by Nicolas on 10 June 2010 | Permalink

I hope that Apple makes some great improvements in iOS 4 ;)

7 Posted by Sandy on 1 July 2010 | Permalink

I think p too...
Gruß Sandy

8 Posted by Linuz S. Lee on 30 August 2010 | Permalink

As I know, LGE GD880's Phantom browser is the 3rd browser that supports Touch event. It seems to be one of best Webkit based browser in Non-smart OS category.

9 Posted by mobile phone reviews on 31 August 2010 | Permalink

I will so happy to hear if it supports CSS transitions.