Samsung presentation

I’ve published my Samsung bada/HTML5 apps presentation of yesterday. People who religiously follow my presentation will not find much new stuff in there, except maybe that I made the case for a change of app monetisation more forcefully than before.

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1 Posted by TomH on 4 June 2010 | Permalink

What exactly determines the order of testing? Is it based on features supported?

2 Posted by Andrew on 4 June 2010 | Permalink

Regarding widget testing: Opera now offers a great Mobile 10 emulator for free from their website. It's actually pretty good and comes with their Widget Manager:

3 Posted by Troy J. Farrell on 4 June 2010 | Permalink

Is there a typo on slide 5? Are Bada applications written in Java, C++, or both?

4 Posted by ppk on 5 June 2010 | Permalink

bada apps are written in C++. When I created the presentation I tried to figure out which language was used from the bada documentation. The information was just not there, and I can't distinguish C++ and Java from code examples.

So I guessed Java, but was corrected by Samsung: it's C++. I changed that at one point in my presentation, but forgot there was another instance where I said "Java" and didn't change it.

But the answer is definitely C++.