DIBI slides

I have posted my DIBI slides (PDF; 1,8Meg). It was a fun conference, and my presentation went well. Web developers clearly want to know about mobile.

The talks also seem to have been broadcast and taped; will let you know when they appear online.

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1 Posted by Harald Felgner on 30 April 2010 | Permalink


isn't working :( Would prefer this over a PDF link on quirksmode.

2 Posted by Henk on 30 April 2010 | Permalink

Everything works fine here.

3 Posted by Robert on 4 May 2010 | Permalink

I'm not sure I agree with the approach of trying to develop a web page that interprets the 'emulated' mouse events generated by the mobile browsers in order to provide support on mobile browsers.

I guess that's because I feel 'touch' is so much of a departure from desktop and mouse that anything your making for a mobile browser should be precisely designed and targeted for touch, which means interpreting and handling the touch events directly so the mobile/touch experience is the best it can be.

Still though, interesting to see the findings you came up with in terms of how they emulate mouse events :)