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Sometimes browser vendors are appallingly insensitive. Despite my clear announcement that I’d be on holiday for two weeks, all four vendors saw fit to release major updates or important news items exactly in that period. Now I have to scramble to keep up with all the news, and the worst part is that I don’t really have any time until after An Event Apart Boston.

So this entry is mainly meant as a quick summary for myself. Without it I’d probably remember less than half of these important developments when I’ll restart my testing in a month or so.

Thanks to Einfach für Alle for posting a comprehensive list of changes.


No new version of IE has been released, but several important questions were answered in the past two weeks. IE8b2 is coming in August and a new IE=EmulateIE7 value will be added to the <meta> switch.

The first is obviously good news; I have my reservations about the second. My gut reaction is No, but I still have to figure out exactly why I think so; and I’m afraid that, too, will have to wait until next month.

Finally, ther’s supposed to be a new tool for running all IE versions simultaneously, and the current buzz indicates it performs as promised. It’s still in alpha, but this, too, will be worth a closer look in a month or so.


Firefox 3 final is supposed to be released today, but right now there’s no download link yet. Maybe it’ll be revealed once morning comes around in the US—or maybe it’ll be postponed for a few days. In any case, it’s here.

In addition, a Firefox 3.1 Alpha (FTP) has been made available, and it’s supposed to support all CSS3 selectors.


Apple is supposed to have released a Safari 4 Developer Preview through the Apple Developer Connection, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find an actual download link—and World of Apple doesn’t mention it either.

If you know where it can be downloaded, please leave a comment.


As expected, Opera released version 9.5; see this article for more information about the new release.

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1 Posted by Antonio Bueno on 17 June 2008 | Permalink

FX3 is already available via FTP (url omitted due to "questionable content" warning) but the official distribution starts at 10AM PDT (i.e. 7PM CET).

For Safari 4 you need an ADC account (they're free).

2 Posted by Doeke Zanstra on 17 June 2008 | Permalink

On developer.apple.com the download can't be found. You need to go to http://connect.apple.com/ for the Safari 4 Preview.

Login, and select "Downloads" and then halfway the page you find the download.

3 Posted by Tino Zijdel on 18 June 2008 | Permalink

IE=EmulateIE7 is indeed just stupid. MS' proprietary tag should not override current doctype switching in case that results in quirksmode rendering. That's not what developers expect and puts burdon on other browser vendors to implement the same logic...

4 Posted by Atreya Srivathsan on 18 June 2008 | Permalink

FF3 is finally out @ http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/products/firefox/
They've come up with this whole lot publicity gimmicks @ http://www.spreadfirefox.com/
From the release notes, looks like performance is the key in this one. The standard JS fixes and support, and humungous bug fixes have been made (happy that mine too have been included).
Had tested on the Beta. Got RC3 yesterday and tried. It was worth the effort, I'd say!

Go get it if you a Mozilla fan.

5 Posted by Rik on 19 June 2008 | Permalink

For the rendering engins features, you can download WebKit nightlies at http://nightly.webkit.org . Safari 4 is under NDA, nightlies aren't.