AEA Boston slides

I just finished my An Event Apart Boston presentation on unbostrusive JavaScript, and as usual I'm posting my slides here.

Here they are (PDF, about 400K).

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1 Posted by Antonio Bueno on 24 June 2008 | Permalink

Thanks for putting them online. It's always interesting to see what we're missing :-)

An idea: Wouldn't it be worthy to indicate when you're selecting an id [$('#special')]
or a class [$('.dropdown')]?

And a typo: "evens" -> "events" (slide 49)

2 Posted by Rob on 25 June 2008 | Permalink

Great presentation today.

I'd love to get a sense of how much filtered through to the more CSS-centric folks in the crowd. Did you get many comments from people in that category?

3 Posted by Lon on 25 June 2008 | Permalink

About not using inline styles... over here we say: "Live in class, not in style". It's even etched into our whiskey glasses.

One remark: you always use $('whatever').onclick=func;
By setting onclick or onfocus or whatever you assume there is no other script doing the same. One of your principles is: don't assume anything. But in this case you are.

Or in other words: Assume makes an ass out of u and me.

4 Posted by ppk on 25 June 2008 | Permalink

@Rob: As a matter of fact, yes. There were several people who kind of knew they had to start doing some JS development but didn't really know where to start, and my presentation helped them a bit getting their priorities right.

So on the whole my session has made a difference to a few people, and that's always nice to hear.

5 Posted by Ron on 26 June 2008 | Permalink

Thanks for talking at AEA -- I really enjoyed seeing the genius behind QuirksMode!

Any thoughts on presenting again next year? Perhaps on optimization, or comparing some JS frameworks/libraries? I spoke with some other devs at the event who seemed similarly interested.

6 Posted by Robbert Broersma on 26 June 2008 | Permalink

It seems self-denial to me, to let your script assume JavaScript can be disabled at the moment it is executed.

7 Posted by Sander Aarts on 26 June 2008 | Permalink

@Lon: where can I buy those glasses? ;-)

@Robbert Broersma: could you elaborate on that?

8 Posted by Elaine Dunham on 15 July 2008 | Permalink

What a motley looking crew you all are, never have made it to a ALA event but looking forward attending one sometime in 2009 and from the slides you posted i can tell I am going to have a great time learning.