CSS compatibility updated

Yesterday I finally got a new Linux machine with Konqueror 3.5.7 installed. (If that is not the latest version, please don't tell me. I don't want to know.) As a result I could finally start updating the compatibility tables, and as usual I started with the CSS ones.

While I was at it I upgraded the information to Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.5b and Safari 3.0 Windows. In general, compatibility has improved slightly.

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1 Posted by Josh Stodola on 2 November 2007 | Permalink

Awesome! Thanks a million for maintaning these compatibility tables. They are priceless.

2 Posted by Marty Alchin on 2 November 2007 | Permalink

Looks great! Just a quick bug. For :only-child, the comment says that Firefox and Safari don't update dynamically, but the "not dynamic" label is on Firefox and Opera.

3 Posted by David Bloom on 2 November 2007 | Permalink

Opera 9.5 actually still does not load an image if it is display:none. A fake "onload" event is fired, however, for compatibility reasons (see the 9.5 changelog at http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/w950a1.html which mentions that now Opera will "Trigger an onload event for images set to display:none").

4 Posted by Peter Gasston on 2 November 2007 | Permalink

I know you said you don't want to know, but 3.5.8 is the latest version; however, it was mainly a minor bug fix release, and shouldn't impact on your tables.

5 Posted by GreLI on 2 November 2007 | Permalink

Safari does not support multiple text-shadows. See http://www.css3.info/preview/text-shadow/

6 Posted by Cecile denuziere on 3 November 2007 | Permalink

I just discover this tables !
Thanks a lot for these, very helpfull

7 Posted by Philippe on 6 November 2007 | Permalink

1. background-attachment:local is not part of the CSS 2.1 spec as you claim, but it is mentioned in the CSS3 draft for background and borders.
2. WebKit & Safari3.0beta support CSS3 columns with the -webkit-prefix (at least on OS X 10.4.10)
3. Fx3 alpha builds support display:inline-block just fine
4. FX3 alpha: the :hover and :active tests work fine here in quirksmode.

Konqueror is at version 3.5.8 :-)

8 Posted by Lynne on 21 November 2007 | Permalink

This will come on super handy. Thanks so much!