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More on the Web Guidelines

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The standards revolution here in Holland proceeds apace, so I though I'd give you an update. Most importantly, I have finally managed to find an English translation of the Guidelines, which will allow non-Dutch-speakers to judge them for themselves. I added a few notes to clarify translation points or vague spots.

One of the most important comments on my previous Guidelines post was: "Who's going to enforce them?". The answer seems to be: nobody. Far from being a weak point in the standards revolution, this non-enforcement is one of the strongest reasons in favour of implementing the Guidelines.

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Free JavaScript books by Eric Meyer

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Just encountered this page with a list of Free JavaScript books. I didn't know you could get them for free! I usually pay for them (unless the authors give me a free copy).

In any case, the first free JavaScript book deserves to be quoted in full:

Quirksmode - ppk on JavaScript pages new

This is not a book properly speaking, but the pages on quirksmode organized to follow the book ppk on javascript by Eric Meyer.

I think Eric and I will have to have a chat about copyrights and such.

The blue book of JavaScript & a contest

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When I received my personal copies of the book back in October, I was of course overjoyed at being a Published Author. Nonetheless, I was sorely disappointed at one feature, or rather, the lack of one feature.

The pages of my book were gray, even though they were supposed to contain some blue accents. Unfortunately all blue colours, shades and nuances had been replaced by their gray equivalent, except on the cover. That made the book harder to read.

Meanwhile the problem has been solved, and gray copy owners can win a blue copy by participating in my contest.

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I wasn't at the party BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING NOISE

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There's one aspect of SxSW that I didn't discuss in my previous entry: the reason why I went to only a few parties. Most nights I was back in my hotel around 11:00. That's not really sociable, is it? Unfortunately I was unable to attend most parties BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING NOISE.

I'm wondering if it would be at all possible to just turn off the LOUD BACKGROUND MUSIC at conference parties.

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SxSW 2007

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Wow, what shall I say?

SxSW 2007 was awesome, but also just the tiniest bit intimidating. Why intimidating? Because it was so HUGE. I expected it to be larger than @media, but I didn't expect it to be nearly eight times as large, and the fact that it was has hampered my efficiency a bit. I haven't talked to nearly half the people I wanted to talk to (sorry, guys), because I kept saying "OK, I'll have to rush now; catch you later", but when later came around I couldn't catch them because they were at another party, or maybe at their hotel, or whatever.

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JavaScript: the Big Divide - comments

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Here you can leave comments about my presentation "JavaScript: The Big Divide" that I just finished.

See also the slides.

Mobile web dev: separating desktop and mobile content

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While attending Brian Fling's presentation on desiging for a mobile phone, I suddenly had an idea that might solve one of the problems he mentioned. I thought I'd document it immediately, before tonight's beer will cloud my mind and make me forget all about it.

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On Twitter

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I've caved in to peer pressure and signed up for Twitter. My nickname is (obviously) ppk and for the moment all my updates will be public. Follow me if you'd like to.

First conclusion: Twitter's search interface is confusing.

Book signing Sat. 10 March 4:30

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While visiting SxSW I'll also sign copies of the book for anyone who's interested. The signing session will take place on Saturday 10 March at 4:30 at the Adobe Day Stage Café.

While I'm there I'm also planning to pick up signed copies of Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke, Javascript and Ajax for the Web by Dori Smith and Tom Negrino, Bulletproof Ajax by Jeremy Keith, CSS Mastery by Andy Budd, and probably a few other interesting books.

I'll see some of you there.

Austin; Thursday 8 March

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As I posted before I'll be in Austin on Thursday, and I'll be looking for something to do. Meanwhile two get-togethers have been organised:

  1. Noon at Las Manitas on 211 Congress Ave.
  2. 6:00 pm at the 219West.

I hope to see some of my Austin-based readers there; and maybe a few others who, like me, have decided to arrive early for SxSW.


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