Book: ppk on JavaScript

It's done. My book is finished; I just delivered the last chapter (chapter 2, actually). It's called "ppk on JavaScript", it's published by New Riders, and I'm as proud as any parent of my newborn baby.

You can already order it through Amazon (US, UK, Canada, Japan), if you're so inclined.

The release dates on Amazon are all incorrect; right now it seems the book will be available in the US somewhere in the first half of August; in Europe about a month later. As soon as a final release date has been established I'll let you know.

Not surprisingly, the book is about JavaScript (I considered "aspects of the fifth century history of the Western Roman Empire" for a while, but my editor pointed out that there's less of a market for such a book; and besides it wouldn't fit the title).

Its purpose is to offer easy access to my JavaScript knowledge and to help my readers to make the step from beginner to intermediate and from intermediate to advanced. It won't help you if you don't have any experience, though: I assume you already know a bit of JavaScript and want to learn more.

More later; the book contains a few features that I'm going to discuss in future entries, but right now I'm heading into town to celebrate—and after that I'll have an entire weekend (two full days!) in which I don't have to write anything. That's a luxury right now.

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1 Posted by Brian Donovan on 5 June 2006 | Permalink

I know that it's early days yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing the table of contents of the book. :)

2 Posted by Alex Lein on 5 June 2006 | Permalink

"Paperback - 400 pages 1 edition (July 13, 2006)"?

Is the book really 400 pages? Wow! I assume that's a typo, but if it's not then DAMN!

Looking forward to picking this one up :D

3 Posted by ppk on 5 June 2006 | Permalink

Publishing the Table of Contents is a good idea. I'll ask my publisher if they agree (I suppose they do, but you never know).

400 pages: too many or too few? The book will probably be slightly above 400 pages, but the exact page counts hasn't yet been established.

4 Posted by Robin on 5 June 2006 | Permalink

Congratulations! I'll be trying to pursuade my boss to put in an order then.

5 Posted by Kieran Huggins on 6 June 2006 | Permalink

Well done Peter-Paul! I've just pre-ordered my copy from - keep up the great work :-)

6 Posted by 4rn0 on 6 June 2006 | Permalink

Excellent work PPK! I just preordered it at and I am looking forward to reading it!

7 Posted by Rasmus on 6 June 2006 | Permalink

Hmm, since I've been (mis)using your abilities and wonderful insights for a couple of years now, I should probably also go order the book...

Seems like a good way to support one of the very few really "nice-guys" out there, doing the right thing right ;-)

8 Posted by Alex Lein on 6 June 2006 | Permalink

It's really over 400 pages? That's about an inch thick. Most Javascript books I've seen are under 300 pages. I'm definetly picking this one up.

9 Posted by Harmen Janssen on 6 June 2006 | Permalink

Congratulations! I've just bought and read The Javascript Anthology from Sitepoint, but there's a good chance yours will accompany it on my shelve in the near future.

10 Posted by Cliff Spradlin on 7 June 2006 | Permalink

Preordered from Amazon, told all my developer friends. Can't wait.

Be sure to have some mention of "Hey, I did quirksmode" somewhere on the cover.

11 Posted by Christopher Boomer on 7 June 2006 | Permalink

I wondered where you'd been hiding! Things went very quiet around here, but I'm pleased things are going well. Good luck with the sales.

12 Posted by Koen "Grubolsch" Eelen on 7 June 2006 | Permalink

Wonderfull news, really happy to hear this news.
But PPK, I'm wondering if the book will also be published in some bookstores, or is it only ment to be ordered online?

13 Posted by Nick Fitzsimons on 8 June 2006 | Permalink

Congratulations! Looking forward to picking your brains about it next week at @media - or will you just tell me I have to wait...

14 Posted by cowardly anonymous on 8 June 2006 | Permalink

Excellent news and congratulations! Signed copies will be available for purchase from your site I assume :-)

15 Posted by Thiago Varela on 13 June 2006 | Permalink

The book seems to be interesting...
I'm a brazillian reader of quirksmode. At first glance(without the table contents) I thought that it would be just one more javascript book, but it really surprised me when I saw the table of contents... My impression is that the book contains precise guidance for the new generation of websites.
I wish to read it, but I can't afford to order from rules only for World Cup)

Question: Where is JSON? Data Retrieval?
Anyway, congratulations and success for the book.
(sorry about my poor english)

16 Posted by Nigel Moore on 13 June 2006 | Permalink

Quirksmode helped me on the road to writing my own JS scripts and improving site development. Thank you.

I'm looking forward to this book, now that I've found out about it! Preordered from Amazon UK.

17 Posted by Matthew Albery on 13 June 2006 | Permalink

I am really looking forward to reading this book. I am sure that it will compliment Jeremy Keith's book on DOM Scripting quite well. Thanks for all the work you are doing Peter-Paul!

18 Posted by Jules Manson on 14 June 2006 | Permalink

Almost everything that I know about scripting I learned from you and Jeremy Keith (DOM Scripting). His book is wonderful and I was hoping and looking forward to a book from you. Thanks for reading my mind.