Chaos rules QuirksMode and my schedule

Right now chaos rules on, and I'd like to apologize for it. To name but a few things: comments are disabled, I'm at least one month behind with Bug Report entries, and the contact form has been closed down for months.

First the good news: this will change. I want to go back to the situation where QuirksMode is a normal, well maintained blog/resource site. Then the bad news: it might be another month before something actually happens.

Right now I'm at the tail end of a huge project that has taken most of my time for the past five months or so, and it's my firm intention to be ready by next Friday. Besides, a teaching job that was not what I expected and that took far too much energy for far too little returns, both in money and in job satisfaction, is finally ending - thank God.

From Monday 5 June onwards I'll take one week for a holiday - and please note that I deserve it. I've been working continuously since the end of October, and than includes at least half the weekends, while my last days off were between Christmas and New Year.

When that week of rest and recuperation is done I'll travel to London for @media 2006, and when I return my most interesting client of the moment fully expects me to continue working on his application - and since I like the project a lot I will do so without a qualm and without allowing other concerns such as QuirksMode to stand in my way. (Besides, I need the money.)

Fortunately this extreme period is ending. I haven't taken on any new clients since November, and I won't take on any before September, and this strict policy is finally starting to bear fruits: it really looks as if June is going to be distinctly calmer than the past eight months.

Meanwhile my hosting provider has moved to a new server, and one of the odd consequences is that my MT Blacklist module doesn't work any more - something that obviously had to coincide with a huge spam attack. It was then that I disabled all comments for QuirksBlog and Bug Report: I just didn't (and don't) have the time to do something about it.

Apart from all this the new design I ordered for has been ready for months now and is just waiting for me to implement it - and waiting - and waiting.

Right now I have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Therefore I'd like to ask for your continued patience. The situation will improve, but not right now.

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