New poll; Mauro affair

A few weeks back I promised to start keeping track of the polls again. When I entered the poll after that, my polling script broke for reasons still unknown, and it took me until today to fix it.

The reason I fixed it is an interesting new poll: for the first time the left block wins seats from the right block. In my polling average the right now holds 73 seats, three less than in parliament, and too few for a majority.

This was caused by the Mauro affair, where an 18-year old boy originally from Angola but living with his foster parents in Holland for the past ten years or so, was denied a permit of residence and may have to leave the country.

70% of Dutch are in favour of granting him a residence permit, but immigration minister Leers (CDA) took the opportunity of showing how hard-line he is, especially for Wilders, whose support is still crucial for the continued existence of government.

Anyway, it seems that people have woken up to the xenophoby of the VVD + PVV + CDA troika (of which only VVD and CDA actually sit in government; Wilders is not part of it!). It could be that they go to sleep right away again, when the Mauro affair sinks back into the collective unconscious. Still, this is better polling news than any in the past year.

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