Final TNS-NIPO poll

TNS-NIPO has released its final poll which I’ve added to the polls page.

Here we see a shift to the left (+3 seats), although the right also wins one seat and the christian parties lose no less than four seats. I’m not sure what TNS-NIPO is smoking, but I want some.

In my weighted average the CU slides down (TNS-NIPO had it pegged at 9 seats; the others at 6-7). The SP continues to gain. The other parties are more or less stable.

Coalition-wise there’s little news, either. PvdA+CDA+SP+[GL or D66] now has a majority, but the chance for these coalitions is slight. I don’t think a lot is going to change in the polls.

I expect the final polls of and the Politieke Barometer tonight.

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