Coalitions: Purple

I’ve added the exit polls to the polls page so that we can go through possible and impossible coalitions.

The most surprising result is that it’s going to become very difficult to form a VVD+CDA coalition, and totally impossible without the PVV. If the exit polls are correct all four-party VVD+CDA+[GL or D66 or CU or whatever] combinations go straight out of the window: they just don’t have a majority.

As to VVD+CDA+PVV, they need reinforcements, probably of a christian party, either CU or SGP. That’s possible, I suppose, but not very likely.

PvdA and CDA could form a coalition with help from the SP and either D66 or GL. That’s not very likely, as far as I’m concerned.

So if centre-right doesn’t have a majority, right doesn’t have a majority, and centre-left doesn’t have a majority, that leaves Purple.

If you play at any political stock market, buy Purple shares wholesale.

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