Coalition poll

A pollster I haven’t previously heard of, Novum Nieuws, has released a coalition poll. Which coalition do voters prefer?

(Source: Trouw; I haven’t been able to find the original poll report)

  1. Centre-right: VVD+CDA+D66 25%
  2. Left: PvdA+D66+SP+GL 23%
  3. Right: VVD+CDA+PVV 22%
  4. Purple-green: VVD+PvdA+D66+GL 19%

Of course only the last two coalitions have an actual majority in the polls right now. The second is unattainable, while the first would require a major upset.

Especially CDA and VVD voters go for centre-right, but D66 voters don’t like it. They are more enthusiastic about Purple-green. Half of the PvdA voters prefer Left, while most of the rest prefers Purple-green. Obviously PVV voters prefer Right by a huge majority (91%).

Take all this with a grain of salt; the Left option especially, and the centre-right option to a lesser degree, are more an example of wishful thinking than of serious coalition building.

Also it’s not clear to me whether the polled people had more options to choose from than the quoted four. Centre-left PvdA+CDA+D66+? doesn’t figure in the results at all.

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