Article: The Antithesis

I have published the third article in my series: The Antithesis. It treats the protestant and liberal denominations, the district system that was in place until 1918, as well as political history 1894-1918.

You may have noticed this article appears a week later than promised; that’s because last week I just did not have the time to make it ready for publication. I’m afraid this sort of thing will happen more often, and I do not make promises about the publication schedule any more. If a certain Wednesday goes by without a new article you’re just out of luck.

I have minor edits to make in part IV, major edits in part V, and this week I finally realised what the twelfth article in the series should be. So far this new article consists only of pieces I’ve cut out of the others, and it should be published as part VI or VII or something, so it might hold up publication of the rest.

In other words, part IV, Coalition of the unwilling, may appear next week. It may also appear the week after. I still have five articles more-or-less ready for publication, a sixth half-ready, and three further ones completely unready.

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