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This is the monthly archive for November 2014.

Gradients (and screenshots) update

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Just now I published the retests of the CSS Images and replaced content spec, which includes gradients. It was during these tests yesterday that I discovered Android screenshots aren’t always trustworthy, and meanwhile I’ve got enough information for an update.

Many people advised me to take a screenshot of the screenshot. I did, and it shows the original screenshot correctly instead of repeating the problem. So this avenue of research does not lead anywhere.

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Android gradient screenshot madness

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Another fine day at the QuirksMode test labs, where we test browsers so you don’t have to. Today’s topic is CSS gradients, and the subtle ways in which the various Android devices fuck them up. Also, the not-so-subtle ways in which Android devices fuck up screenshots of said gradients.

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Transition tests

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Today I published my tests of CSS transitions in the desktop and mobile browsers. I created the test cases ages ago, but interpreting the results turned out to be tricky.

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