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AEA, Breaking Development, and my US tour

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From 31st of March until 17th of April I’ll be once again touring the US. I’ll start and end with conferences, but I’m not quite sure yet what I’m going to do in between and I’m looking for suggestions.

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Retesting the input types

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I have retested the support for the new input types (<input type="number"> and such) in the desktop and mobile browsers.

All in all support has increased slightly since the last time I tested them, although Safari desktop, Chrome, and BlackBerry have seen some decline. Safari and Chrome have mainly done away with badly or buggily implemented types — it’s clear they’re rewriting significant parts of this module.

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Mobilism announces Lyza Danger Gardner

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On 10th and 11th of May the second edition of Mobilism will take place in Amsterdam. Like last year, it will concentrate on all aspects of the mobile web. For an idea what we’re going to do, see last year’s coverage, or watch Stephanie Rieger’s session.

For this edition we’re happy to welcome Lyza Danger Gardner, who started as a web developer and moved to mobile back in 2007, co-founding Cloud Four with Jason Grigsby, who’ll also speak at Mobilism.

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QuirksMode.org reader survey, part I

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In December I held a QuirksMode reader survey on Urtak. It had 69 questions, and about 55,000 answers were given by about 1,100 respondents. Here’s a partial summary of the findings.

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The four device classes

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I’ve been thinking a lot about device classes recently, and decided on a provisional four-class scheme. I have no idea if the scheme is going to survive, but we have to at least try to order the bewildering variety of devices somewhat.

While I was at it I also gathered data from StatCounter about the browsing shares of these device classes.

Your donation for keeping this research up and running would be much appreciated.

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The Java ME nonsense story

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Earlier this week Net Market Share released numbers that allegedly show the Java ME operating system is gaining ground at the expense of iOS and especially Android.

Unfortunately the story isn’t true, and I suspect it’s a good example of headline grabbing aimed at those who don’t have deep knowledge of mobile browser statistics; a group that seems to include the entire tech blogging caste.

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Browser stats for December, Q4, and 2011

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It’s time for the browser stats for December; as always according to StatCounter. Since it’s the last month of the year, I can also give the aggregate stats for Q4 and for 2011 as a whole.

Your donation for keeping this series up and running would be much appreciated.

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The post-Android market

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It’s a new year, and we’re supposed to make some predictions. So I’ll try to order my thoughts about the post-Android market, although I should warn you I won’t make a true prediction but will be a bit wishy-washy and vague.

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