Mobilism 2012 announced

After the astounding success of Mobilism 2011 we lost no time in planning the next edition. Therefore we're proud to announce that Mobilism 2012 will take place on 10th and 11th of May 2012 in Amsterdam.

We booked Tuschinski for a venue: a riotously art-deco cinema in the very heart of Amsterdam. We also booked Jeremy Keith for moderating the mobile browser panel once more, and are currently discussing speaking engagements with some of the brightest mind in web development and mobile. PPK and Stephen Hay will speak once more, and ticket sales will start in October.

In order to get in the right mood, why not view Jen Hanen’s presentation from Mobilism 2011? This is the kind of sessions you can expect.

Tickets will cost €600 and will go on sale somewhere in October. We'll be offering a few tickets at steep early-bird discount rates up to 50%. We expect these tickets to be gone quickly, so if you want to be notified as soon as they become available, follow us on Twitter or leave your email address on the Mobilism 2012 site.

Even better, we’ll give away a few tickets for free. In order to compete, simply track us on Lanyrd. We’ll draw the prize winners from our trackers just before ticket sales start in October.

More news when we have it.

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