2011 Mobilism workshops announced

Mobilism is bringing its two-day mobile web workshop to a city near you. Today we announce workshops in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Manchester, and Brighton. Ticket sales for Amsterdam and Frankfurt open today. Sales for Manchester and Brighton will open soon; we’ll let you know.

Dates City Teachers
8 and 9 Sept Amsterdam PPK and Stephen Hay more info
28 and 29 Sept Frankfurt PPK and Stephen Hay more info
25 and 26 Oct Manchester PPK and Stephen Hay in preparation
9 and 10 Nov Brighton PPK in preparation

Web developers are enthusiastic about mobile, but need some background information as well as a chance to practice their skills on as many phones as possible. Therefore PPK and Stephen Hay are going to cross Europe by train and plane to teach you what you need to know, and give you the chance to test your websites on browsers and operating systems you’ve never even heard of!

We are not big believers in workshops where the teacher talks for eight hours straight. Therefore the idea is that you take a genuine project you have to work on for a genuine client, or, failing that, a mobile experiment you’re working on. The workshop description gives you more information.

See you in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Manchester, or Brighton.

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