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Linkbait 18

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This week’s. Or rather, this month’s.

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Thanks for your money. Now give me more

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Wow. This morning I launched a donations drive that was supposed to net me € 2,500 in, hopefully, a month or two or so. At least that’s what my “sensible” average projection was. Instead, it netted me € 3,200 in about six hours, and donations are still coming in.

Thanks, all. Awesome. Humbling. Scary, even, in a sort of way. I mean, I have to be extra good and stuff to repay you all.

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Donation drive

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I have no idea if this is going to work. I’ve never tried it before. But if I never try I’ll never know, so here it goes. And I’ll give you fair warning: there’s a blackmail aspect to all of this.

<breath type="big" />

I’m seeking to raise € 2,500 in donations. Before the end of this year.

Update: the donation drive succeeded before the end of the afternoon. Still, I’d love to receive more donations. They will be used to improve this site. Thanks.

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Mobile WebKit update: tablet time

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Last week I updated the Mobile WebKit comparison table with four browsers: Safari 4,2 (on iPad), Android 3 (on Samsung and Motorola tablets), the BlackBerry PlayBook browser, and the WeTab browser.

The WhatTab? The WeTab. You probably haven’t heard of it, unless you’re in Germany. Bear with me.

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Mobile browser shares Q1 2011, part 2/2

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Last week we treated the mobile browser stats of six countries; this week we take a look at the other six countries; the ones where the mobile web is not yet very big. There are few common denominators here; mobile browsing statistics remain highly localised.

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Linkbait 17

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This week’s.

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Mobile browser shares Q1 2011, part 1/2

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It’s past time we took a look at the Q1 mobile browser market shares in the twelve countries I selected back in January. Although there are no huge movements towards or away from certain browsers, a few trends we saw in the Q4 2010 figures continue, and a few new trends may be taking off.

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Dynamically changing the meta viewport

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On a hint from Vasilis I did some quick research into dynamically changing the meta viewport tag. Turns out that this works in nearly all browsers that support it in the first place, with the exception of Firefox. This entry gives the details and explains why you should care. See also the inevitable compatibility table.

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