Mobile web conferences: Mobilism and Breaking Development

The mobile web is becoming more and more interesting to web designers and developers. After all, it won’t be that long until the average client will insist on mobile browser compatibility for every site in addition to the usual desktop browser compatibility.

But how do you make your website mobile-compliant? I’ve been working on this problem for close to two years now, but it’s not an easy question to answer.

Mobilism, Amsterdam, 12th and 13th of May

So I joined forces with Krijn Hoetmer and Stephen Hay to organise Mobilism, a mobile web design and development conference which will be held on 12th and 13th of May in Amsterdam.

During this two-day conference a dozen of the best speakers, such as Jared Spool, John Resig, Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith, and Luke Wroblewski, will inform you about emerging trends and technologies in mobile web design and development.

The conference will be relatively small: there are only 250 tickets available.

Unfortunately ticket sales have not yet started, even though we promised to do so in November. Due to a few minor problems this has been postponed to early December; in two or three weeks, in other words. A limited number of discounted early bird tickets will be made available first. If you want to get the word as soon as they’re available, follow us in Twitter.

Breaking Development, Dallas, 11th and 12th of April

Besides, although Amsterdam is my native city and everybody should be required visit it often and prolonged, for those on the American continent it might be a bridge too far. Therefore I was very happy when it turned out that the US, too, will shortly feature a dedicated mobile web conference: Breaking Development, 11 and 12 April, Dallas. I’ll speak there.

The Breaking Development organisers were slightly faster than we were in setting up their back office, and that’s why ticket sales over there has already started. In fact, to celebrate Cyber Monday they give a $100 discount on tickets today only (Monday 29th of November). Use the promo code oq2wvnk to obtain this discount. The code is valid for only 10 tickets, so you’d better hurry. Unless you prefer to come to Amsterdam, of course.

I hope to see you in Dallas or Amsterdam.

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1 Posted by Graham B on 29 November 2010 | Permalink

Shame about the ticket delay but I can wait :)

2 Posted by Bernardo on 7 December 2010 | Permalink

HI! The conference in Amsterdam will use english as official language? I don't speak dutch yet. =/