A list of all app stores — please help

As everybody who’s even slightly interested in mobile knows, the creation of the Apple App Store has caused a perfect flurry of activity among everybody else having to do with the mobile web.

Currently I’m making a list of all existing app stores. I’ve found a few, but I’m reasonably certain that I missed a few, too. So I’d like to ask you if you know of an app store I’ve forgotten. I’m especially looking for information on T-Mobile and HTC.

Meanwhile I was pointed to this PDF from Distimo with a nice overview of all app stores.

App stores of major mobile players

Other app stores

(Updated on 13 and 15 September)

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1 Posted by Kieran on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

Palm App Catalog
Get Jar

2 Posted by Jelle on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

Palm App Catalog: http://www.palm.com/us/products/software/mobile-applications.html

GetJar (mostly JAVA apps): http://www.getjar.com/

And it's also worth checking out Distimo, http://www.distimo.com/

3 Posted by ppk on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

Thanks, added Palm. Have to think about GetJar, as it's not supported by one of the major mobile players (right?)

I already know about Distimo. They're useful.

4 Posted by Joseph Email Man on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

GetJar is like one of the biggest ones, how did you miss that!!

I don't know what will happen to T Mobile as they are merging with Orange.

5 Posted by Vlad Dumitrica on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

I believe the correct URL for the Vodafone Apps (the developer edition at least) is http://widget.vodafone.com/dev/ as each OpCo should have their own Widget store (replace /dev with /[2 letter ISO country code])

Keep up the good work!

6 Posted by ppk on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

Thanks, link changed.

7 Posted by Waylan Limberg on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

So we all know that Apple doesn't allow third party apps and the only way to get them is by jailbreaking the phone.

However, that is not the case with some other phones. For example Palm and Android both allow loading apps from other sources. Although not officially sanctioned by the manufacturer or the carrier, there are legitimate app catalogs which have sprung up by third parties. Any interest in including these in your list?

For example, http://www.precentral.net/homebrew-apps has become a beta testing ground for devs to get there apps out to users. Some of the apps have even been recently adopted by Palm and are in the Palm catalog now. With 201 Apps and 1,282,338 Downloads to date it seems like it should be given consideration. Here's a write up addressing some of the concerns people may have with the Homebrew App Catalog: http://www.precentral.net/homebrew-go-it

8 Posted by Stephanie Rieger on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

Telefonica announced a new app store today


9 Posted by Stephanie Rieger on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

Also LG although at the moment it's only available in APAC, Central Asia and the Middle East.


10 Posted by cheapRoc on 10 September 2009 | Permalink

I do believe the first "App Store" I saw was Verizon's Get-it-now [BREW] back in 2001, at least in the states...


11 Posted by Eric Wendelin on 11 September 2009 | Permalink

The Java Store isn't mobile quite yet but it's in the works: http://store.java.com

12 Posted by Delfin on 11 September 2009 | Permalink

Said this before in the comments , O2 aka Telefonica, launched its "Mstore" app last week.

13 Posted by patrick on 11 September 2009 | Permalink

hahaha...GetJar has more downloads than all those other combined except Apple! see: http://my.getjar.com/site/Developers for there stats. Of course they are not affiliated with operators. They are independent!

14 Posted by Erik on 11 September 2009 | Permalink

You should list MobileRated. They support just about every Java-enabled phone ever made. Our company (mobile games) gets more downloads from them than any other site. http://www.mobilerated.com

15 Posted by ppk on 13 September 2009 | Permalink

Updated entry with all suggested app stores, both from the comments and from Twitter.

Anyone know of even more app stores?

16 Posted by Jelle on 15 September 2009 | Permalink

Zune Marketplace? It's mobile but not a phone. Actually it's more like iTunes then just an app store.


17 Posted by Jelle on 15 September 2009 | Permalink

"AppCentral: A new Mobile App Store for Enterprises"