Google sponsorship, compatibility tests, and my SF visit

I’m pleased to announce that Google has graciously agreed to sponsor my work on my compatibility tables. We’ve entered an agreement for this year; after that we’ll see what happens.

Therefore, if you go to the compatibility tables now, you’ll see a tasteful little sponsor bar at the bottom of every page with a well-known logo in it.

Google (surprise!) expects me to continue my compatibility research; and I quickly and wholeheartedly agreed. It’s fun when people pay you for stuff you were going to do in any case.

My Google contacts have delivered a huge list of tests they’d like me to do; so many in fact that I’m sure only a few of those will be done by the end of the year. I have to set priorities.

Therefore I’d also like to know what you, dear user of this site, would like to see tested. So if you feel I should study this-or-that area of Web technology, please leave a comment.

(Google’s list will be more important than the feedback here, but still it would help me to hear from you.)

Going to San Francisco

Also in the news, I’ll be in San Francisco from April 22nd to 30th in order to speak at the Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference. If you want to see me speak about JavaScript Events, I think there are still a few tickets left.

While I’m in the Mecca of the online world I’ll also pop in at Yahoo! and (again) Google, and I’m going to give a presentation at each of them. As far as I can see now both will be taped and made available online.

Maybe I’ll meet some of my readers at the conference or elsewhere in town. As always, you can recognise me by the folded browser under my left arm.

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1 Posted by Lars Gunther on 13 April 2009 | Permalink

Greats news. Keep those tables coming.

1. I'd like tests to include Fennec.

2. I'd like tests to include JavaScript 1.6-1.9 features, especially those that will be part of EcmaScript 3.1 (ES 5).

2 Posted by Brian LePore on 13 April 2009 | Permalink

First I want to say that is awesome. Congratulations ppk. :)

Biggest area I'd like to see testing done on would be contentEditable/designMode and execCommand compatibility. There are a lot of differences between browsers and a lot of features that aren't documented well enough (e.g. enableObjectResizing). From my experience FF 3's contentEditable is remarkably buggy in numerous instances (based on what you've selected and if there are any other block level elements in the editor, etc) and is just not ready for prime time.

I know you technically have a list on certain features, but there is really a lot more that can be said on the subject.

3 Posted by Celc on 13 April 2009 | Permalink

If I could make two wishes then Canvas and SVG compatability tables would be nice. It would be interesting to see what Google is interested in, if that's not an issue. :)

4 Posted by Foo on 14 April 2009 | Permalink

I agree with #2.

The contentEditable/designMode and execCommand compatibility is a very dark area by now. wysiwyg editors implement hack after hack, and there is no overview of the liabilities.
These tables might make the bugs more known, also to the browser vendors, thereby opening the opportunity that browsers will in the end be *repaired*.

I hope this request is also on the Google list. :-)

5 Posted by Shawn Lauriat on 16 April 2009 | Permalink

I vote for the "meeting readers elsewhere in town" option. Do you have any day(s) in particular that look more open than others?

6 Posted by Glen on 12 June 2009 | Permalink

+1 for contentEditable/designMode and execCommand compatibility testing.