Fronteers 2008 - the doing and dusting

Wow, it’s over. I created a first class web conference. Of course I borrowed heavily from the @media plan, which I now thorougly understand after five visits. But still, I’m happy — and exhausted.

Some random impressions:

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1 Posted by Chris Heilmann on 16 September 2008 | Permalink

A true tale of woe and worry. It could make your hair curl...

Well done, my friend, I had a great time and the conference was a huge success!

2 Posted by Sander on 16 September 2008 | Permalink

I particularly liked the lack of music at the party. It was possible to have conversations! Relaxed lounging about like that is infinitely preferable to having to scream yourself hoarse due to too loud music.
I hope other conference party organizers take note.

3 Posted by Kilian Valkhof on 16 September 2008 | Permalink

The music at the conference itself on the other hand...;)

I had a blast. I doubt anyone noticed the behind-the-scenes shuffles. wouldn't it also be boring without those?

4 Posted by Alejandro Moreno on 16 September 2008 | Permalink


Even if I'm in Canada and cannot foresee myself attending, I'm glad to see more good events being put together for and by web developers.

5 Posted by Koen Willems on 16 September 2008 | Permalink

It was great! Well done.

(Even got my cellphone back! Had to pick it up at Schiphol Airport)

6 Posted by Stephen Hay on 18 September 2008 | Permalink

I was just going to say-- missed the music. ;)

7 Posted by Mark Schütte on 19 September 2008 | Permalink

I really enjoyed the conference. Nice venue, thoughtful idea of handing out pocket books, overall good lectures and free coffee (well, even if I am a tea person).

I am pretty sure I will attend at Fronteers 2009, at least I hope there will be one :).

8 Posted by Wilfred Nas on 20 September 2008 | Permalink

had a great time, well done Peter-Paul

9 Posted by Adam Bryson on 22 September 2008 | Permalink

What might be helpful for controlling speaker time is what we do for our sessions. A monitor sits at the back of the room with three color coded sheets of cardstock.

The first card (blue) says 5 minute warning (great to wrap up and start the Q & A), the second card (yellow) says 2 minute warning, and the third card (red) means STOP NOW.

The monitor holds up the card from the back of the room so the speaker can easily see it. If the speaker ignores the red one, the master of ceremonies or session moderator has free license to politely interrupt and shut him/her down.