IE8 and Fronteers 2008

The fact that IE8 beta 2 has been released is obviously very important to web developers. Times have changed; Microsoft is now aggressively chasing full CSS 2.1 compliance.

But it also raises questions. Will the new IE be a serious competitor of Firefox, Safari, and Opera when it comes to web standards implementation? What more can we expect from IE8 final?

Obviously, in months to come I’m going to treat these questions in some detail on my site.

However, it’s even better to hear about recently implemented and upcoming changes directly from the horse’s mouth. That’s why it’s with great pleasure that I can reveal that Pete LePage of the MSIE team will speak about IE8 at the upcoming Fronteers 2008 conference, 11 and 12 September, Amsterdam.

Tickets are still available, although the early bird discount will expire this Sunday evening. Therefore, if you want to save yourself 50 euros, now would be an excellent time to order your ticket.

I hope to see some of my readers there.

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1 Posted by Kangarado on 28 August 2008 | Permalink

I will be staying in Prague during the whole September, I reckon I could come up to Amsterdam. What language is this IE8 and Fronteers 2008 conference in? I would be interested just don't know whether it's for me, sorry not speaking Dutch so just asking! :)

2 Posted by Sander on 28 August 2008 | Permalink

Kangarado: Almost the entire conference will be in English (most of the speakers are international). Looking at the current schedule - - only a single panel (on the Dutch "webrichtlijnen" (government requirements for which web standards their websites need to comply with)) has been denoted as being in Dutch.

3 Posted by Nata on 29 August 2008 | Permalink

The webdesigners life would be far simpler if only one browser was available ...

4 Posted by Sander Aarts on 30 August 2008 | Permalink

A designers' life would be far simpler if only one colour would be available as well...

5 Posted by Kangarado on 31 August 2008 | Permalink

Sander, thank you. I 'll giving it a go. Will be nice too to be there.

Single browser or one web color :)? I see what you mean, designing would be simpler. What would that single browser be like 12 months down the road, not much evolved. Only hypothetically; do you remember old Beta vs. VHS systems? I thing right from the start the Beta started with a wrong name, as it wanted to live just temporary.

(PS when posting in this blog and when I want to show my web site (PR4 traditionaloven . com ) in the Homepage field, I always get this "Error: Your comment was denied for questionable content.
Please correct below." and I cannot post.)

6 Posted by Sander on 31 August 2008 | Permalink

Kangarado: I don't know about ppk's setup, but I suspect it's because you're faking your browser's referer string to point to that website with every request you make, which is indistinguishable from referer spam - and really bad netiquette besides. (I'd noticed this in my own referer logs, and was rather close to just serving up a 403 to every single referer from that website.)
So I suspect that there's at least several anti-spam blocklists out there which contain your website's domain on account of referer spam, and that ppk is using one of them.

7 Posted by Kangarado on 1 September 2008 | Permalink

Sander, thanks again. It's possible. Before Internet Explorer 7, I did use only FF every time I logged into HTTPS sites. In case a site had problem with or had insecure certificate (site's problem that cannot be fixed by the browser) I used "RefControl extension for Firefox" to hide private information in URL and on the screen. Not for spam. It's our real life bricks and mortar. What involves Clicks And Mortar work, now I see I must learn constantly. I removed the old FF setting and disabled this extension now. Gosh! I feel so bad. Anyway, I found very useful the reading at your Blog.