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CSS OM, take 2

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Just now I re-tested the CSS Object Model, both to accomodate IE8b1, FF3b4 and Safari 3.1, and because some of my earlier conclusions were wrong.

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IE8b1 tests and more CSS tests

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In the past few days I've worked a bit on my compatibility tables. IE8b1 information has been added to the W3C DOM Core and HTML tables.

Furthermore I've taken the opportunity to present the CSS compatibility table better. I split the page into two tables, CSS 2.1 and CSS 3, and I added a few CSS tests. The table below shows the new tests and their browser compatibility.

Update: Added Safari 3.1 Windows information to the main CSS table only.

Finally, a question. Who knows of CSS 3 declarations that don't yet figure in the CSS table but are supported by at least one browser? (Nightlies don't count, but betas do.) Please leave a comment with declaration name and supporting browser. It'll help me get my testing priorities straight.

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IE8 beta 1 - first tests

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As everybody and his dog know by now, Microsoft has made IE8 beta 1 available. First impression: decent progress, but a lot of work remains to be done. And, in all fairness, this is merely a first beta, and its main purpose is to show where Microsoft is headed, and not to get every little thing right on the first try.

There's a lot to be said about its CSS and JavaScript support, and I'm going to say it all. My readers, as well as the IE team, expect that.

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Austin planning

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As I think I said before, I'll arrive in Austin only on Saturday afternoon. I've been very lazy this year and have made absolutely zero plans. However, I'd like to kick off my personal SxSW experience by having a relaxed beer in The Ginger Man from about 5 to at least 7 pm. I'm already supposed to meet some people there, but by this entry I'd like to extend the invitation to anyone who's interested (or who wants beer).

Hope to see you there.

IE team changes its mind on IE8 default behaviour

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Just now the IE team announced that it's reversing its policy on the default behaviour of IE8, which shows that it has been paying close attention to the discussion of its versioning proposal. I admit that I hadn't expected this reversal, but I welcome it.

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