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The CSSOM View Module

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A week ago W3C published the first working draft of the W3C CSSOM View specification (written by Anne van Kesteren), and I must say I'm very happy with it. Since I was testing stuff anyway I created a new compatibility table for most of the methods and properties specified in this document, and browser compatibility is already excellent.

That's no coincidence. This specification contains definitions for many properties (and a few methods) that browsers have already been supporting for ages (such as offsetWidth), and W3C has paid scrupulous attention to the current implementation. No more theorizing into the blue — just check what browsers do and describe it in the specification. Excellent idea.

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Minor compatibility tables updated; spring cleaning

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Rather to my surprise I started early on QuirksMode's spring cleaning. I removed about 50 pages that hadn't been updated since 2003 or 2004 and contained ancient and crappy scripts, or descriptions of old browser versions that nobody cares about today.

In addition I wrote a simple (but ponderous) script that finds out exactly which pages contain compatibility tables. I lost overview a few years ago, but this script reveals that there are currently 24 compatibility tables on my site. (There used to be 27, but I removed three.)

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Conference schedule

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Quite frankly, I haven't yet done very much this year. In the middle of last December I was overtaken by an acute case of severe stress (I posted a rambling entry at that time). Fortunately my planning called for a holiday at that point in time, but what I hadn't expected is that, even after three weeks of complete rest and no email, I still wouldn't be able to restart working.

As a result, I didn't do even 20 % of what I planned doing during January and February. Meanwhile I'm beyond apologising. Such things happen.

I may ignore the world, but the world still expects things of me. More precisely, it expects me to be present at no less than seven conferences between now and July. I hope that visiting these conferences will be what I need to get my act together again, especially since I have to speak at only three of them.

See my schedule for an (as yet un-microformatted) overview.

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W3C DOM CSS compatibility table updated

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I just finished updating the W3C DOM CSS compatibility table. With the previous version almost three years old, it was about time. In the past three years, Safari and Opera have started to seriously support the editing of style sheets, and the new table reflects that.

I decided not to study iCab any more. The new version 4 is rumoured to use the WebKit code engine, and a quick test of a few properties showed that this is likely correct. (Unfortunately the iCab site does not actually mention this fact, so I'm still not 100% certain that WebKit is really being used. On the other hand, 95% certainty is enough.)


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