Host unreachable

I'm afraid I've reached the end of my energy reserves. The new Fronteers site is online (Fronteers was previously known as the Guild of Front-End Developers); IE8 supports the Acid2 test, but I just don't have the energy to treat these important issues in the way they deserve.

Yesterday I published an entry about Opera's antitrust complaint that I removed today. Although I still think I have a point of sorts, that point should be made in a different way (and possibly by another person).

I've deserved a holiday. I NEED a holiday VERY BADLY.

I feel that I'm slowly going mad. I don't want any contact with any person; and DEFINITELY not about anything having to do with web development.

So this entry serves as notice that I'll be completely unreachable until January 7th. Clients, web developers, others, I'm sorry, but I won't answer you now. Please try again next year.

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