To Boston

On 23 or 24 June I'm going to speak at An Event Apart Boston. If you're interested in meeting me in person, be there.

I'm going to talk about the principle of unobtrusive JavaScript (details forthcoming). This session likely won't be of huge interest to people already fluent in JavaScript, but it might help those who are considering the plunge into our beautiful language. I won't teach you how JavaScript works (one hour is far too short for that), but if you keep the principles I'll discuss in mind, you'll likely find the correct answers to many tricky questions by yourself.

I hope to meet a few of my readers there.

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1 Posted by Josh Stodola on 31 January 2008 | Permalink

Fantastic. I won't be able to make it to AEA since I live smack dab in the middle of the US. Will the event be recorded for poor saps like myself?

2 Posted by rob on 31 January 2008 | Permalink

I'll be there (I better be since the event is 20 only minutes from my house.) With a speaker list like that it should be an interesting couple of days.

3 Posted by Eric Meyer on 31 January 2008 | Permalink

We can't wait, ppk! Me especially-- I feel like JavaScript is one of those things I know just enough to know how little I know, but not enough to figure out how to move forward.

Josh, we don't have any plans to record An Event Apart at present, but we're keeping an open mind about it. If Boston's too far, there will be three other shows this year, including one in Chicago-- which is at least close to the smack-dab middle of the US.

4 Posted by Franck on 31 January 2008 | Permalink

Will there be an video recording of this event ?

5 Posted by Lee on 5 February 2008 | Permalink

Drat! Come to the New Orleans event instead!