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I've decided to write a few more entries about Dutch politics, and I hope to explain it so clearly that even foreigners who're used to boring two-party systems will learn to appreciate our ten-party system. If you don't like politics, you should avoid QuirksBlog for a while. Nonetheless I invite all JavaScripters to take a quick look at my politics appreciation app.

I created it in order to analyse the immense changes that took place during Wednesday's elections. It kind of grew under my hands, and though I spent far more time on it than I originally intended (and clients occasionally complained about my mental absence), the result is more than worth it.

It contains Dutch election data from 1977 to 2006, and it gives party stands on several issues. It is wholly sortable for all these issues, so that you can easily see which stands are popular during a given election.

This is a truly slick bit of W3C DOM JavaScript that reorders data according to several criteria in order to enhance your understanding of Dutch politics. It takes the election data from the second table on the page, the one with election outcomes and government coalitions. No data arrays for me! This is JavaScript as it's supposed to be used.

Does not work in Safari because that browser doesn't support cellIndex.


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1 Posted by Michiel on 30 November 2006 | Permalink

Looks promissing, but doesn't seem to work at the moment...
(IE6 and Firefox)