Right now I have a large writing job (not a book, unfortunately), and it takes rather more time that I thought it would. Since I'm working on it almost every waking hour, I'm getting a bit tired of writing. That's the reason I'm not posting any blog items right now, and I'm afraid this situation will continue throughout March.

A secondary problem is that my RSS reader, RSS Owl, has crapped out on me. All of a sudden it displays the standard feeds you download it with, and not my carefully gathered and selected Web development news feeds. Therefore I can't read any news, and I'm too busy to search for it manually.

So I have to choose another RSS-reader (suggestions are welcome) and once again start to gather interesting RSS feeds from around the 'Net. As you may have guessed, I really don't have the time to do that right now. It'll have to wait, too.

Don't expect too much action here in the coming weeks, especially since the supply of bug reports is running out and new ones are coming in rather slowly, and of those that do come in rather more than half have insufficient quality. If you want more content and news on this site, submit a good bug report.

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1 Posted by Avishai on 7 March 2005 | Permalink

I use Thunderbird for RSS only (not for email), and I like it much better than RSSOwl, since it lets you save feeds into folders.

2 Posted by Jaffa The Cake on 7 March 2005 | Permalink

I use sage for firefox. It's really light but does the job. However, I prefer checking feeds rather than have them do some intruding popup.

3 Posted by asqui on 7 March 2005 | Permalink

www.Bloglines.com works well if you want to be able to conveniently check your feeds from any computer with an internet connection.

Saves the trouble of trying to keep normal aggregators in sync between home and work, or when travelling.

4 Posted by Valentin Agachi on 7 March 2005 | Permalink

ActiveRefresh is very nice. Lite, yet very handy.

5 Posted by Tom on 7 March 2005 | Permalink

I use bloglines so I can grab something interesting to read from wherever I am.

It also has a crappy but slightly useful "blogs you might also like", and you can also share your list of blogs with someone by tapping on /public to the end of your account.

6 Posted by Jake Robwood on 8 March 2005 | Permalink

I'm not a .NET fan, but there's a very nice tool called OmeaPro(written in .NET) that knows RSS too. You can find it at http://www.jetbrains.com. In fact, it's more than just a simple RSS reader. If you are on Windows, give it a try :).

7 Posted by Ruy Asan on 8 March 2005 | Permalink

Another Sage+Firefox fan here. I'm not sure how to even read RSS feeds any other way - after all, you usually have to mosy on to the actual site to read the full article.

8 Posted by Andreas Wahlin on 9 March 2005 | Permalink

I'm not that into RSS yet (just use FF built in) but I was more interested in what RSS feeds you (PPK or anyone) reads.

9 Posted by ppk on 12 March 2005 | Permalink

Thanks for the RSS tips. I'm currently trying ActiveRefresh.