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New CSS tests - CSS2 and Backgrounds & Borders on desktop

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This week I published the CSS2 and Backgrounds & Borders tables for desktop only. I found no surprises. That concludes my publications for this week.

CSS2 is the table that contains all properties that were never redefined in any CSS3 module. It includes such vital properties as display, position, and overflow.

The mobile tables are delayed because I’m waiting for a bunch of Nokia phones to arrive. I’m not sure when I’ll get them, but I hope to be able to continue the mobile tests late next week. Maybe I’ll publish another desktop table in the mean time.

And when I publish the mobile tables, oh boy, the stories I can tell. overflow: auto and position: fixed on mobile, baby!

New CSS tests - fonts and text

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Just now I published the desktop and mobile tables for the CSS Text module and related ones — think italics, underline, and letter-spacing, but also hyphenation and text-shadow.

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New CSS tests - selectors and columns

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Over the weekend I finished the first two CSS compatibility tables new style: selectors and columns. These tests are almost complete (a few selectors are missing), and have been executed in 40 or so browsers, desktop and mobile.

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