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Thidrekssaga XI: Sigfrid’s death

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Just now I published part XI of the Thidrekssaga: Sigfrid’s death.

The story now switches to the Niflungen and Sigfrid. First Sigfrid’s youth is treated — and it sometimes seems a parody of the traditional hero’s story. Then the Niflungen are briefly introduced and Hagen loses his eye. Then the marriages of Sigfrid with Grimhild and Gunther with Brunhild are related.

Finally, Grimhild and Brunhild quarrel, and Hagen decides to kill Sigfrid. This sets the stage for Grimhild’s revenge.


Thidrekssaga X: The battle of Gransport

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Just now I published part X of the Thidrekssaga: The battle of Gransport.

After helping Attila and Erka, Dietrich asks for their help to return to Bern. He sets out with a large army of Huns and battles Ermenrik at Gransport. His brother Diether and the two sons of Attila and Erka die in the battle, and Dietrich is so upset that he returns to Soest without following up on his (apparent) victory.


Driver or mechanic?

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The tools vs knowledge argument goes something like this:

Random web dev
You don’t have to know CSS. Or basic JavaScript. I mean, our great toolchain has all of that covered, right?
If you’re a web developer you should know something about CSS and JavaScript. What if your tool doesn’t support your use case? Or what if they are terrible for performance?
Random web dev
Nonsense. I’m much more productive with my trusty tools.
But having some basic knowledge is part of being a professional web developer.
Random web dev
I mean, if you drive a car you don’t have to know how it works, right? You just drive it.

Over the past ten years I have heard this drive a car analogy more often than I care to remember. Superficially, it’s an interesting one, but I found I disagree with it.

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