8/9 November, Amsterdam

It’s always a nail-bitingly tense few months after you decide to create a new conference hoping it’s going to be a success. We decided to inflict this tension on ourselves once again with our latest venture:

Conceived during a dinner with Tim Kadlec over a year ago, nurtured by Tim’s good graces as well as Steve Souders’s, its every whim served by Krijn and me, is a two-day one-track front-end performance conference in Amsterdam on 8th and 9th of November. logo

(And no, we don’t have the obvious domain name. We’d love to get it, but .now domain sales haven’t started yet.)

Our speakers will treat topics including JavaScript, CSS, PWAs & AMP, responsive design, image optimization, performance budgets, frameworks, monitoring, browsers, mobile devices, custom fonts, and perceived performance.

Who are our speakers? Glad you asked. Harry Roberts, Tammy Everts, Anna Migas, and Zach Leatherman. Not convinced? Andrew Betts, Paul Irish, and Natasha Rooney. Need more? Yoav Weiss and Katie Sylor-Miller. And of course Steve Souders and Tim Kadlec — why let them go to waste when they’re involved anyway? And there are five more speakers as yet to be announced. The speaker page will be updated as soon as we’ve got something to share.

We would not be able to put on this show without support from our sponsors, currently SpeedCurve, Catchpoint, Filament Group, and Varnish Software. We hope to be able to announce more sponsors shortly.

Tickets are €550 + VAT (early birds have already sold out). Lunch and post-conference drinks included. Nice weather not included; this is November in Amsterdam, after all. But we’ll survive.

Will we see you at

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