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Q2 Android WebView statistics

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Once more Scientia Mobile sent me their Android WebView stats over the first quarter. I edited them slightly and put them online.

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The limits of @supports

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Yesterday I talked about background-attachment and its confusing mobile compatibility patterns. Today I’ll talk about the ulterior motive I had for this retest: Conditional Rules support, which basically amounts to @supports.

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The background-attachment saga

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Recently I spent WAY too much time on background-attachment. Even though it’s not a tremendously important CSS declaration, I don’t see any reason not to inflict my pain on you as well. Besides, I retested the CSS Backgrounds and Borders module in all browsers, and that should count for something.

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UC news

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There is some news about the UC browser — the important one that nobody but me has ever heard of. (OK, that’s an exaggeration — but not by much.) Astonish your peers by being better informed than them.

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Indian phones are weird

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Thanks to the good offices of Dees and his Indian colleagues at Mozilla I finally received three Indian test phones two weeks ago. This is the remarkable story of how Indian phone makers are weird in some respects — even weirder than the Chinese ones. Nobody but me cares about this sort of stuff, but this is my blog, so I’ll write my piece anyway.

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