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Impostor syndrome — a story

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Just now Zeldman tweeted a question to which I replied. That reminded me of a story I want to share with you. Zeldman asked:

Have you ever felt that you have no talent whatever? How often do you feel that way?

What he describes is classic impostor syndrome. I’ve got it, you’ve got it, just about everybody’s got it. It’s the “just about” that I want to discuss today.

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Q1 Android WebView statistics

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Recently Scientia Mobile sent me their Android WebView stats over the first quarter. I edited them slightly and put them online.

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Responsive images-x mess on desktop

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There we go again. The desktop browsers, over my strenuous objections, decided to treat DPR (device pixel ratio) as a variable instead of a constant when the user uses page zooming instead of pinch zooming.

The advantages or disadvantages of this decision are not what currently interests me, though I continue to have my doubts.

What we’re going to study today is the practical application of that idea: if DPR is a variable, responsive images should respond to page zoom. Do they? Safari doesn’t, Firefox does but has weird rounding, while Chrome/Opera and Edge each have their own bug but do normal rounding.

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Why my head was on the front page of Peru’s largest newspaper

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Why was my head on the front page of Peru’s largest newspaper? What do the Peruvian presidential elections have to do with me? Quite a lot, it turns out — at least, with my Twitter account. Last week it blew up; in a funny way, but still my Twitter timeline was useless to me for four days.

The problem is that one of the candidates is Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, or PPK. You’re starting to see what’s coming next, right?

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