CSS Day + HTML Special, 16th and 17th of June, Amsterdam

On 16th and 17th of June we will organise the fourth CSS Day in Amsterdam, preceded by HTML Special, a one-day conference on HTML. The programme is here, and you can buy tickets here.

Like in previous years, CSS Day brings you eight world-class speakers treating eight geeky CSS topics. Veterans know what to expect.

HTML Special is new. We thought it would be cool to gather eight more speakers to talk about eight HTML tags of their choice. Don't expect basic sessions, by the way; we kind-of assume that our audience already knows what most HTML tags do, and that they prefer to hear about edge cases, odd circumstances, and advanced tips and tricks.

So what’s not to like? Come along for one or two days of web nerdery by some of the best speakers in the industry!

The programme is here, and you can buy tickets here. You can buy a ticket either for one day or for both, with the latter giving you a slight discount.

See you in June!

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