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A new Device Adaptation spec

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Back in April I lamented numerous problems and vaguenesses in the current W3C Device Adaptation spec. One of the spec’s editors, Florian Rivoal, contacted me, agreed that the spec had some problems, and explained some of its less clear features to me. In return, I explained some features I think should be added to the spec.

Within about ten mails we had agreed on the features that a future version of the spec should contain. This article summarises our conclusions, and adds a few questions a future version of the spec should answer.

Also, this article serves as a quick overview of where the viewports stand today. Everything described below works in almost all browsers right now, with the exception of the @viewport syntax. So this is useful reading for every web developer.

Finally, there’s one question that must be answered: If you use (x-based) responsive images on a desktop site, and the user zooms in, should you load the higher-DPR images? The answer is important for defining desktop DPR and screen.width/ height.

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QuirksMode outage

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The QuirksMode.org DNS entry did not work for about 55 hours, from Sunday 27th around 15:00 to midnight on Wednesday 30th. This is by far the longest time my site has ever been offline since it started (under a different name) in 1998. I’m not happy about it, but the matter was beyond my control.

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A note on weird font size changes in mobile Chrome

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Yesterday I stumbled upon one case in which some mobile Chromes change the font size of elements without having been ordered by the CSS. This article gives a quick overview.

My test is incomplete and will likely remain so, since these changes only occur in fairly unusual circumstances, and spending days and days of research time seems wasteful. Nonetheless I want to leave a note for researchers who come after me.

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