Poll results: popular input types

From last Thursday to earlier today I held a simple one-question poll about which advanced input types such as date and number web developers are using.

The results are surprising, while I expected date and number to end in first and second place, the most popular type was actually email.

1,349 web developers reacted, and 13% of them indicated they did not use advanced types at all — probably because old IEs are still important to them. The rest gave the following replies; and they could check as many boxes as they liked:

Poll results: which modern input types did you use in the past year?
type Percentage Remarks
email 77% Unexpected. I thought date or number would win.
number 50%
date 44%
tel 39%
search 36% I do not see the point of this type.
url 26%
range 20% Expected more support, since it’s the only one that’s near-universally supported.
datetime 14%
time 8%
datalist 7%
color 7%
month 3%
week 1%

This poll helped me greatly in setting my research priorities. For instance, I know now that I should pay extra attention to email, although that won’t help a lot since Safari blatantly lies about its support for this type, and I don’t think you can detect your way around it.

Anway, enjoy.

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