Mobile Viewports workshop San Francisco (and elsewhere)

Desktop browsers have only one viewport: the browser window. In contrast, mobile browsers have three: layout, visual, and ideal. Why is that? What does it mean for the meta viewport, media queries, and all the rest? Why does responsive design work? (Not how. Why.) And how are the desktop browsers reacting to this series of new concepts coming from the mobile side?

I feel that all web developers, and even a good slice of web designers, need to know about this topic. Although at its simplest it’s just a matter of applying the meta viewport width=device-width and using width media queries (standard responsive web design, in other words), you need to know a bit of the theory behind it. Using something without understanding it is dangerous, in my opinion. And there’s always browser bugs. Oh my, the browser bugs!

This year I’m going to give a few Mobile Viewports workshops that treat these topics. Legs in Utrecht and San Francisco have already been agreed, and I’m working on more.

  1. 18 April: Utrecht in Dutch. This workshops is sold out, but you can put yourself on the waiting list, and if enough people do so we’ll plan another workshop.
  2. 21 May: San Francisco, in the margins of HTML5 Dev Conf, where I will also speak.
  3. Late August: Zürich. I’ll update you when final arrangements have been made and tickets are on sale.
  4. And ... if you’re interested in the Viewports workshop, get in touch. Maybe we can plan one.

I hope to see some of my readers at my Mobile Viewports workshops.

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