All aboard for CSS Day!

In slightly more than a week CSS Day will take place in Amsterdam. There are still 35 tickets available, and we thought it’d be cool if we’d sell out.

This will be a one-off event; we’re not going to repeat it next year. So if you want to hear eight top-notch speakers on eight cutting-edge areas of CSS, this is your only chance.

What do you get? Did we mention Eric Meyer? Lea Verou? Tab Atkins? In addition to the stellar line-up catering will be fully on us, with coffee, lunch, and beers afterwards. And that for only €250.

On Thursday, the day before the conference, Eric Meyer and Peter Gasston will give workshops. Peter’s workshop, especially, is selling out fast, so if you want the latest update on responsive web design, act now. Or you can go for Eric Meyer on CSS.

We hope to be able to welcome you next week for CSS Day.

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