Mobilism last call

On 16th and 17th of May we will organise the third edition of Mobilism, the mobile web conference.

We have one speaker change: unfortunately Thomas Fuchs was not able to make it. We have found Remy Sharp willing to take over the slot and the topic: JavaScript frameworks in an increasingly mobile (and thus memory- and processor-challenged) world.

A few weeks ago I reported that ticket sales weren’t going too well. I’m happy to report that sales have picked up slightly in the last weeks, and it’s now certain we won’t lose money on the conference.

Also, I announced that we weren’t able to pay for the video-taping of the event. Fortunately Mirabeau kindly offered to take over this job. Therefore the Mobilism sessions will be available online later.

Still, actually visiting the conference is a much nicer experience. So order your tickets straight away, and see you in two weeks!

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