A few more Blink-related links. (This article’s title was stolen borrowed from Thomas van Zuijlen.)

Oh, and I got some questions about Chrome on iOS: obviously it will not use Blink, but will continue to use Apple’s WebView. Installing another rendering engine on iOS devices is not allowed, so other browser vendors are restricted to using WebView (Chrome, most other browsers) or a server-side rendering engine (Opera Mini). So Chrome on iOS will not be affected by the Blink fork.

Speaking of Opera Mini, an underreported angle is that eventually it will go over to Blink, too. That means that Google (or at least Chromium) will have a significant footprint in the developing world — a larger one, I would say, than its direct competitors (which basically means Apple nowadays). I’m not sure how that’s going to help Google make more money, but it certainly won’t hurt.

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