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Linkbait moved to Mobilism

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In 2011 I spent a lot of energy on my Linkbait posts, where I gathered interesting links to mobile stories and put them on my site once per week or two weeks. In 2012 I quit this feature because it cost me too much time.

Now, however, there is the new Links section of Mobilism, where Krijn, Stephen and I do essentially the same. Even better for me is the fact that Krijn does the actual publishing, and I just have to create content. Finding links and writing notes was never the problem; getting it ready for publication was.

So if you enjoyed the Linkbait posts, head over to the Mobilism site, or follow us on Twitter and receive all new links (as well as conference news).

New CSS tests - units and values

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Just now I uploaded the Units and Values desktop and mobile tables. They contain tests for many useful units, such as em, mm, vh, calc() and much more.

Oh boy, units and values.

Most compatibility patterns are actually quite simple: a browser does or does not support a given unit. There are a few exceptions, though.

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Mobilism announces speakers and workshops

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Mobilism is getting mobiler and mobiler, if that's proper English - and even if it isn't. Today we have three new speakers and two workshops to announce.

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New CSS tests - images and replaced content

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Just now I published the Images and replaced contents tables. By far the most important feature are gradients, and in general they’re tolerably well supported.

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New CSS tests - CSS2 and Backgrounds & Borders

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Yesterday I published the CSS2 and Backgrounds & Borders mobile tables.

CSS2 is the table that contains all properties that were never redefined in any CSS3 module. It includes such vital properties as display, position, and overflow. Backgrounds & Borders, despite the name, is mostly about backgrounds and a few miscellaneous properties. I test border-radius, but the other border-related property, border-image, is WAY too complicated for me.

On mobile there are three declarations that merit particular attention: overflow: auto, position: fixed, and background-attachment. Despite their apparent differences they have one important aspect in common: there is now an element that should be scrolled and moved (or not scrolled or moved) separately from the page as a whole. That turns out to be a challenge for many mobile browsers.

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