Achievement unlocked: Mobilism 2012

Wow. Mobilism 2012 is done, and it was a lot more awesome than I thought. Not that I thought it would be a dud, but it’s always pleasant when your expectations are exceeded.

We have worked with this particular venue, A/V, catering, and wifi crew before, during Fronteers 2011, so we knew what to expect: good service all along, with a few moments of sheer brilliance.

Even better, the conference topic also resonated with the support crew. We already knew a few A/V technicians were web developers, and they paid rapt attention. One of the catering crew turned out to be fascinated, too, and even the security guy gave me his regarded opinion on the future of BlackBerry. You can’t lose when absolutely everybody is involved in this way.

The wifi, in particular, was excellent: Event Engineers once again made sure that there was a network that catered to the voracious bandwidth tastes of 350 mobile web developers forced into one building for two days. Their best moment came during Seb Lee-Delisle’s session, when his application connected to about 200 mobile devices in the audience while his session was simultaneously live-streamed over the wifi network. It all worked without a hitch.

And our speakers were awesome. All of them had something useful, interesting, and beautiful to share, and all of them kept the audience in a state of rapt attention. Time flies when you’re having fun; it hardly felt like two days. More like a few hours.

The free beer, too, was excellent. We found a new beer provider, and we’re very happy with it.

That’s not to say nothing went wrong: there were various hitches along the way. Fortunately nobody noticed.

So all in all Mobilism 2012 was a smashing success. So smashing, in fact, that halfway through day 2 I felt myself becoming more and more nervous — not because I was afraid that anything would go terribly wrong, but because I was uncertain whether we could keep up the very high quality until the very end. Fortunately we could, and our attendees were very happy.

We’re currently working on the coverage page, where you’ll eventually find all presentations, all videos, and a lot of blog posts.

And we will return. In May 2013. In Amsterdam. Besides, on 14th of September we’ll organise PhoneGap Day EU, a day full of PhoneGappy awesome. If you want to stay in the loop, subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll send you Mobilism and PhoneGap Day news as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks to all who attended; and I hope those who didn’t attend kick themselves for missing an awesome conference.

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